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Vendor Fair and Directory

Lincoln Land Wind is inviting local businesses to sign up for our local vendor directory. Being listed in the directory will help local businesses advertise their services and ensure that the project construction team is aware of these businesses when the time comes for hiring subcontractors. Click the link above to sign up!

Petition: Click here to sign the petition to support jobs and a new source of tax revenues in Morgan County

Morgan County has the chance to seize an economic opportunity that will provide up to an estimated $65.6 million in new tax revenue for Morgan County and area school districts— money that can educate children, and support law enforcement, government services, road repairs, and much more.  Sign the petition to let local officials know that you want Morgan County to join other counties across Illinois and the mid-west which have benefitted from the new jobs and tax revenues brought by wind farms. 


Economic Impact Analysis: Click here to learn how Morgan County would benefit from Lincoln Land Wind

Our analysis quantifies the economic opportunity for Morgan County if Lincoln Land Wind is constructed. Tax revenues of $65.6 million; new job earnings of $19.3 million during construction and $1.6 million annually in Morgan County alone once operational.