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Economic Impact Analysis: 

Click here to learn how Morgan County would benefit from Lincoln Land Wind

Our analysis quantifies the economic opportunity for Morgan County if Lincoln Land Wind is constructed. Tax revenues of $65.6 million; new job earnings of $19.3 million during construction and $1.6 million annually in Morgan County alone once operational.

Petition: Click here to sign the petition to protect private property rights in Morgan County

Over the projected 25 to 30-year project lifespan, Lincoln Land Wind will provide up to an estimated $65.6 million in new tax revenue for the counties and townships within the project footprint— money that can be used to support local schools, law enforcement, government services, road repairs, and much more. In addition, participating landowners will receive $3 million in annual lease payments over this same time frame. These payments will inject millions of dollars into the economies of Sangamon and Morgan Counties and empower private citizens to support local merchants, contractors, equipment suppliers, auto dealers, and others.