Local Vendor Program

Wind farm construction is a very specialized process, but it requires common products and services, many of which can be found locally. The typical construction duration for a wind farm is approximately nine months from the start of construction to the commercial operation date. The work consists of upgrading and building new stone roads, forming and pouring large concrete foundations, installing underground electrical systems and overhead high voltage transmission lines, constructing a project specific substation, erecting the wind turbine tower and generator, and completing the mechanical and electrical connections. In addition, there are other general or community needs.

To learn more about the types of services that are needed to support wind farm construction, visit our Building a Wind Farm page.

Below is a list of descriptions for the types of services that will be needed to construct the Lincoln Land Wind project. To learn more about our Local Vendor Program or to sign up, please visit our Local Vendor Signup page here.




Freesen/Illinois Valley Paving
A Division of United Contractors Midwest Inc.
Rich Mander
(217) 836-3385 (m)
[email protected]

Jess Electric
Scott Jess
(217) 371-1336 (m)
[email protected]

Metro Consulting Associates, LLC
Mike Schultz, Director
(313) 600-6567 (m)
[email protected]

Napa Auto Parts
Mike Bourn
(217) 883-2819 (m)
[email protected]

Tom Finch Automotive
Tom Finch
(217) 245-4778 (m)
[email protected]

Western Asphalt. Inc
Brenda Welch
(271) 320-3200 (m)
[email protected]

Sutton Trucking
Todd Sutton
(217) 577-4911 (m)
[email protected]

Buena Vista Farms, Inc
Teri Gutierrez
(217) 243-3290 (m)
[email protected]

Hamilton's Catering Service, Inc
George Hamilton
(217) 473-8523 (m)
[email protected]

Ayers Mansion II
Jethro DeWolf
[email protected]

Craig's Portable Power Washing 
Craig Hill
(217) 320-2514 (m)
[email protected]

Casey French
(217) 370-4731 (m)
[email protected]

Express Employment Professionals
Joe Lockman
(217) 719-9553 (m)
[email protected]

Hampton Inn
Michelle Foreman
(217) 371-0724 (m)
[email protected]

Sleep Inn& Suites
Tyler Thompson
(217) 801-4844 (m)
[email protected]

L&M Supply Co, Inc
Ashley Douglass
(512) 667-6635
[email protected]

Cowman Trucking, Inc.
Ron Cowman
(217) 473-7550 (m)
[email protected]

K.E. Vas Company/Moeller Enterprises
Jim Stockera
(217) 473-8451 (m)
[email protected]

LCI Concrete, Inc.
Herschel Swan
(217) 440-1149 (m)
[email protected]

Inkorporated Designs, Inc
Rob Miller
(217) 965-4653
[email protected]

Schirz Concrete Products, Inc.
Bob Costello
(217) 368-2153
[email protected]

Scott Brothers Electric LLC
Mark Scott
(217) 245-2591 (m)
[email protected]

MBC Buildings - Excavating
Tyler Lathom
(217) 370-1669 (m)
[email protected]

CSD Environmental Services, Inc.
Frank Pinkley
(314) 435-4720
[email protected]

Best Western
Ajay Patel
(217) 479-0303
[email protected]

Knights Inn
Karen Mudd
(217) 371-2597
[email protected]

Rouland Construction & Trucking
Leonard Rouland
(217) 491-1302
[email protected]

KG Construction
Kerry Gibbs
(618) 218-0257
[email protected]

AC Jones Crane
Jace Jones
(217) 473-2203
[email protected]

A Star Electric
David Troike
(217) 972-3716 (m)
[email protected]

Fastenal Company
Jennifer Jennings
(307) 575-4056 (m)
[email protected]

Arrowhead Ridge Lodge
Jamie Loftus
(217) 801-0118 (m)
[email protected]

Buffalo Hills Campground
William Gross
(217) 883-2802 (m)
[email protected]

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Breanna Frick
(217) 775-5953 (m)
[email protected]

Kim Denham Trucking, LLC
Kim Denham
(618) 975-5614 (m)
[email protected]

Queens Trucking and Construction
Sarah Smith
(815) 901-7470 (m)
[email protected]

Menard Electric Cooperative
Alisha Anker
(217) 632-7746 (h)
[email protected]

GFI Digital, Inc.
Adam Reiss
(217) 303-6776 (m)
[email protected]