Protect Private Property Rights: Don't Increase Local Regulation

Morgan County Commissioners are being pressured by a group of anti-wind activists to increase local regulation by intensifying the restrictions on local wind energy production. The current laws on the books are similar to those that exist in counties throughout the state, and they are designed to ensure that local residents and community members are safe and protected.

Anti-wind activists are hoping to increase local regulation to block the Lincoln Land Wind project, which promises to bring Morgan County $42 million in new tax revenue — money that can be used to support local schools, fire districts, government services, road repairs, and much more. In addition, participating landowners will receive $3 million in annual lease payments over this same time frame.

The anti-wind activists are in the process of gathering signatures from folks who may not understand the existing law or the truth about wind energy. Don't let this extremist group take away this important economic development opportunity for Lincoln Land. Tell your Commissioners that you like the laws just as they are.

Dear Morgan County Commissioners,

I am a citizen of Morgan County, and I am asking you to defend our community from anti-wind extremists and protect my private property rights. I believe private landowners have the right to use their land as they see fit, and I believe our current ordinance ensures that our community is safe, while allowing us to have the opportunity to benefit from the economic benefits of hosting a wind energy project. I am asking you to leave our wind ordinance alone.

Thank you for your service,

44 signatures

Will you sign?