Read why these community leaders support wind energy development in Morgan County and the Lincoln Land Wind project.

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Paul Turpin, President, Village of Franklin Board

“As a long-term resident of Morgan County and the Village of Franklin president, I support the Lincoln Land Wind project for the economic benefits it will bring. With the money taken away from all municipalities during the last administration, the funds that come from the wind farm will allow the Village to better update its infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, etc.), which is desperately needed. The County Board has taken on the arduous task of putting an ordinance out that doesn't hinder the project and lets the county residents live comfortably within the footprint of the project. Thank you County Board. Wind energy is now growing at a fast pace and will provide green energy for years to come.”




Fred Roberts, Former Superintendent of Franklin School District

“I’ve watched other school districts across Illinois benefit from tax revenues paid by wind farms. They’ve been able to invest in their community’s children, readying them for the competitive job market. We finally have that opportunity here in Morgan County. I hope we can see beyond the superficial changes a wind farm will make and see the opportunity it represents for our kids.”






Victoria Ringer

Victoria Ringer, Former Economic Development Professional and Farm Owner

“Nearly 20 years as an economic development professional has taught me that viable projects that provide a long-term and a local source of new tax revenue are difficult to attract. Illinois’s economy has benefited so greatly from wind energy that the state legislature last year modeled its solar tax legislation on the existing wind energy legislation. The Lincoln Land Wind project can bring needed jobs and prosperity to Morgan County, just as wind has in other parts of the state.”




Dave Freesen 2

Dave Freesen, Business Owner

“Our county needs an economic boost, and the wind project can bring it. When Lincoln Land Wind begins construction, our local businesses will benefit. Between the local contractors who could get some work to the hundreds of folks who will be eating at our restaurants, shopping at our stores, and staying in our hotels, Lincoln Land Wind is expected to bring $48.9 million in new output to Morgan County. That’s not chump change. Business begets business, and I hope we don’t let this opportunity slip away.”






Bruce and Audrey HarrisBruce and Audrey Harris, Local Farmers

“Lincoln Land Wind is an opportunity to diversify the income from our farm. What we farmers have experienced this year just trying to get our fields planted so we have a crop in the fall is a perfect example. Wind energy can ensure that even in a bad year, farmers like us will have income to pay bills, purchase new equipment, and support our kids’ education.  And in an ag community like ours, when you do right by your farmers, the whole economy thrives. This is a win-win.”