The Lincoln Land Tree Program (“LLTP”), an initiative of Lincoln Land Wind, will plant trees on the properties of residents whose homes are expected to receive more than 15 hours of shadow flicker per year from the wind facility. Those invited to participate in the LLTP may opt in to have approximately five white pine trees per household planted on their property in locations that will mitigate shadowing effects from the turbines.


Invitations to participate in the LLTP will be sent out once the project has received its Special Use Permit from Morgan County. Landowners who choose to opt in to the program can expect their trees to be planted in conjunction with the construction of the wind farm. In calendar year 2021, a team will plant between 200 and 300 trees in the designated areas. Trees will be planted during seasons optimal for the trees, and planting will conclude by the time construction of the wind farm is complete.


Apex strives to design projects that provide significant benefits to host communities while minimizing impacts. Due to site-specific conditions in Morgan County, there are 51 homes in the Lincoln Land Wind project area with homes that may receive more than 15 hours of shadow flicker per year. Though the moving shadows caused by wind turbines are not dangerous, the Lincoln Land Wind team expects that the owners of the identified properties will appreciate the opportunity to block some of these shadows with trees. With this in mind, Apex has created the LLTP, a program that serves as a voluntary extension of Lincoln Land Wind’s goodwill toward its project neighbors.

To be considered eligible for the LLTP, interested landowners must be Lincoln Land Wind project participants. Those landowners who have already signed an agreement with Lincoln Land Wind (i.e., a Wind Energy Lease, an Underground Collection Easement, or a Participation and Support Agreement) are already eligible and may opt in to the LLPT as soon as they receive an invitation. Those landowners who receive an LLPT invitation, but who do not yet have a signed agreement with Lincoln Land Wind, may make themselves eligible by signing a Participation and Support Agreement. A template of the Participation and Support Agreement can be provided to invited landowners for review upon request.

Placement of Trees

Because the intention of the LLTP is to screen turbine shadows from falling on participating properties, LLTP trees may only be placed in certain locations. Before determining whether to participate in the LLTP, landowners will have the opportunity to work with Lincoln Land Wind staff to determine the optimal locations for the LLTP trees. Employees from the local nursery that supplies the trees will also provide guidance regarding tree placement during installation. Lincoln Land Wind construction staff or subcontractors will plant all LLTP trees. Landowners may opt out of the LLTP at any time prior to planting. Once planted, LLTP trees become the responsibility of the landowner.

Landowners who have properties that are eligible for the program will receive an invitation to participate in the LLTP in the month following the approval of Lincoln Land Wind’s Special Use Permit.